dnmapR (dnmap revised)

For security processionals and penetration testers that want to distribute nmap scans to different clients, Seb Garcia created a great tool called dnmap, short for distributed nmap. There are two main parts to dnmap. The first is the server...

Synack Red Team Firewall Script

This blog describes a quick and simple BASH script I wrote when I started doing penetration testing with Synack's Red Team. I wanted to write an easy and straightforward script before starting to scan targets.

Building a Core SSH Memory-Only Virtual Machine

What is the Core Project? The Core Project is a project dedicated to providing a small, minimal Linux distribution that can be configured for any number of purposes. Tiny Core is designed to run from a RAM copy created at boot time.

Release of batchconfig.py

batchconfig.py is a Python script to create customized Windows batch files for the purpose of conducting quick Incident Response, surveying a box post-exploitation, or assisting network administrators in managing their networks. batchconfig.py is...